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VeloElite Red Bull Event 2019

Two VeloElite teams to take on RedBull Timelaps 25 Hour Race

On Saturday 27th October 2018, two Velo-Elite teams are set to take on ‘the longest one day race in the World’ at Great Windsor Park – London.

In the inaugural event, VeloElite’s predecessor “Wellingborough Cycles RT” took home the silverware after leading the event from the first lap and this year all four of the riders who were successful in the event are back for another ‘crack’ at the title.

Red Bull TimeLaps 2017, Windsor Park

In the Under-25 team shop ride regulars Jack Patmore, James Woodfield, Jordan Peacock and Ollie Bates will be looking to win their category and the overall event. Patmore, Woodfield and Peacock were all members of the winning team from last year. Assisting the boys will be Lauren Humphreys who’s racing knowledge and efficient time management allowed the boys to perfectly time their transitions between riders.

Ahead of the event Jack said “I can’t wait to get back to Windsor park with the rest of the team for a weekend of hard racing, the event was excellent last year and we learnt a lot – this year we are coming back with refined tactics and more food!!.”

The second VeloElite team is an open-aged team which has had a couple of changes after injuries to George Fox, Tom Scott-Collins and Fabos Young has ruled all of them out of the original line-up. Nonetheless, team captain and previous winner James Hyde can be extremely confident in his team of riders including National Masters Circuit Champion Gavin Howell, MTB Endurance Junkie Tom Wragg and Bradley Symonds who has been drafted in from East Midlands based Team PB Performance.

The competition has certainly been ‘upped’ this year 

Great Windsor Park 2017

with World Tour Pro Alex Dowsett signing on for a London based team as well as several other well-respected domestic riders joining various teams across the event.

The team are hoping to keep you all up-to-date via social media and will also be posting the link to live timings of the race so be sure to follow the action from midday Saturday to midday Sunday.

Finally, if anyone wishes to come and give the boys some support (and take home some free RedBull), the park is open to the General Public from 8.30am – 5.30pm.

Link to the RedBull site for the race –