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VeloElite Shop Ride

Saturday 30/11/2019 Shop Ride

Saturday 30/11/19 Shop Ride

Please can you park in the main car park up the hill on the left!

Location is VeloElite, The Office, Woodford Mill, Ringstead, NN14 4DU. The shop will be open from 8am for toilet etc.
Meet at 08:30 – First group to roll out at 08:45…

Please view group speed estimates, these may differ slightly depending on the conditions and route on the day.

Please ensure that the route is uploaded to your gps devices..

We may have very low temperatures this Saturday, for safety, we will use the below route if necessary…

Group 1 – 23+ Mph
Group 2 – 21+ Mph
Group 3 – 20+ Mph
Group 3b – 20+ Mph
Group 4 – 18+ Mph
Group 5 – 15+ Mph

Group 6 – 10 – 12 Mph – Route to be confirmed by the group in the morning, usually between 20-25 miles.