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VeloElite Shop Ride

Saturday 26/05/18 ride UPDATED

Saturday 26/05/18 ride..
Everyone is welcome.

Slight change this week

We will be starting our route from the Centre Triangle in Woodford, just up the road from VeloElite HQ… this to allow uninterrupted access for a wedding function being held at The Water Mill!
Meet At 8.30am For A 8.45am Start.
A. Group 1 – 22+ Mph
B. Group 2 – 20 To 22 Mph
C. Group 3- 18 To 19 Mph
D. Group 4 – 16 To 18 Mph

Starter Groups.
Group 5
14-15mph Average
Meet At 8:45 am For A 9:00 am Start
Group 6
12-13mph Average
Meet At 9:00 am For A 9:15 am Start