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Saturday 18/06/2022 Shop Ride

Saturday 18/06/2022 Shop Ride

This week we are starting at Wythmails 1 Rectory Ln, Orlingbury, Kettering NN14 1JH

All newcomers welcome.

Plenty of parking near the green, cafe can be busy and have limited seating….

Meet at 08:30 – First group to roll out at 08:45…

In the interests of safety and the sanity of local motorists, please can all groups limit themselves to a maximum of 12 riders, Ideally leaving a 5 min gap between groups on the roll out.

Please can we remind you riding should be no more than 2 abreast keeping to the left, this will ensure cars can pass quickly and safely, reducing risk to all.

The group speed estimates really are just estimates, these may differ slightly depending on the conditions and route on the day.

Always ensure that the route is uploaded to your devices.

Group 1 is a hard training session, similar to a road race, with safety of yourself, others in your group and other road users being paramount, if you decide to join and get dropped, it is your choice whether you decide to stop and wait for group 2, if you do this, please respect their pace, it is not fair to start disrupting their pace, or you can solo back to the finish without getting caught.

In the event of a mechanical, the group will wait until the issue has been sorted, this is of course if you have shouted loud enough for the group to hear.

Group 1 – 23+ Mph
Group 2 – 21+ Mph
Group 3 – 19+ Mph

Group 4 – We need you back!

All newcomers are welcome, there may not currently be a group to suit your speed, feel free to start one, the routes are varied and so are our riders, young, old, some very competitive, some not so…. but we all have that one common thing which is a love for riding our bikes and getting back and having a good ole chat about the ride over a coffee and cake! 

See you there.