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VeloElite groups and guidelines…

Garmin-compatible routes are posted on the FB page a few days beforehand,please keep up to date via FB, or the the link will also be on the VeloElite Facebook page

Group1, 2 and 3 are for those who really want to test themselves, usually 30-45 miles at a relatively fast pace.

Group 3 will need to split into two groups if there are more than 10 riding making 3a and 3b for safety reasons.

Please note that average speeds are given for guidance only to enable you to pick an appropriate group to join.

Other groups will generally have a designated ride leader and a no-drop policy.

The fast group is considered a training exercise, the pace can be very high and you may get dropped so please make provision for this as riders are unlikely to wait for you. You can either finish the route solo, or wait and join a slightly slower group as they catch you up.

Group 4 – 18mph+ and Group 5 – 15mph+ will be Short and Steady: aimed at those new to cycling, recovering from injury, or those who just want a shorter ride. Around 20-25 miles. These are no drop rides

Club Riding Etiquette and Guidelines
– Ride in a group less than 1 metre between you and the rider in front.
– Do not overlap wheels (known as “half-wheeling”). It is dangerous.
– We will ALWAYS ride 2 abreast only going to single file when the ride leader advises. E.g., on narrow roads, busy roads (Highway Code Rule 66)
– When the back of the group call ‘Car up’, this means – Keep 2 abreast, but bunch up and close in on the wheel in front. It does NOT mean single file or slow down.
– If a person behind calls a warning this MUST be repeated up the line to ensure everyone is aware.
– When calling a warning, if you are the last caller and do not hear it being repeated you MUST repeat the warning until it is repeated up the line. (Calls up the line are usually warnings in regard to yours and others safety). Assure the front knows if the back are struggling with the pace.
– Communicate with the other riders by pointing and calling out holes, walkers, joggers, parked cars and horses.
– Slow down for horses, give them lots of room. Call ahead “bikesup” if approaching horses from behind, so as not to startle them.
– Call out “stopping” or “slowing” if that is what you are doing, to avoid the rider behind you crashing into you.
– When pulling out at junctions, you have the best view of any traffic coming from the left or right. Call back to the riders still at thejunction “clear”, “car left or “car right” as appropriate.

– On tight bends and narrow lanes call out “car down” or “car up”; remember that cars go down your throat and up your a**e.
– Keep your lines. On corners, do not cut the corner, or understeer the corner. Remain parallel to the road centre line/edge. There WILL be someone to your rear left or rear right whom you will be forced off the road or into the path of an oncoming car.
– “rotation” action is the most effective way to ride in a group this is to share the load against a headwind. If you are unfamiliar with this, you will be briefed on what to do.
– Do not try to “up the pace” of the ride. If the speed is too slow for you, move up a group next week.
– Please do not overtake another rider on the left without shouting out a warning to the rider first.
– If you are on the front of the pack, after reaching the top of a climb, do not accelerate immediately as you go down the other side of the hill. Remember that in a big group, the rear riders will still be labouring up the hill even after you are descending down the other side. Keep the group together.
– Do not break-up the ordered group. Only on significant gradient climbs should you break away if you want to, as all people have a different comfortable climbing pace. In this case, always wait at the top of the hill to allow a re-group and a short recuperation.
– When pulling out from a junction, or turning into a road, slow down a little to allow the riders behind to catch up. Everyone takes time to set-off, clip-in and get settled back in the saddle. Keep the group together.
– Do not litter. If you eat on the move, or take a gel, put the wrapper in your pocket. Do not throw it on the side of the road