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VeloElite Cycle Coaching Northamptonshire

No matter your ability or goal VeloElite Cycle Coaching Northamptonshire have a package that will help you achieve these targets, whether that is a sportive or a national level race or even just to improve your average speed, the principle is the same.We will create a bespoke training programme working to specific measurable parameters.

We keep our amount of clients small so we can provide them with the best possible service. Firstly we sit down and go through a consultation process to find out what you want to achieve. We also go through the amount of time you can dedicate on each given day- if the programme is not achievable and realistic with your day to day life you wont get the most out of your training, so we work closely to make sure it fits with your needs-just because you work full time and have a busy family life doesn’t mean you cant achieve great results. We can then set about putting together a plan and gathering the necessary data for us to measure your improvements.

Don’t take our word for it, please take a look at our testimonials and find out what our athletes think.

  •  Rider Goals
  •  Assessment
  •  Monthly Plan
  •  Once monthly review



  • Rider Goals
  • Regular Assessment
  • Weekly Program
  • Weekly Online feedback
  • Focused Goal setting
  • Monthly meetings to review progress
  • Live chat with coach as required
  •  Race preparation
  •  Conditioning program to compliment on the bike training

Pick a plan. If you can’t choose give us a call and we’d be glad to help.