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Bike fitting Northamptonshire

A bike fit is essential for any cyclist looking to improve comfort and performance on the bike. A good bike fit will do this as well as help with injury prevention. We carry out an in depth off the bike analysis to diagnose and check for any bio-mechanical issues. We then tackle the bike fitting from the feet up- a process than allows us to work up the body and eliminating and screening for any issues. Professional Bike Fitting Northamptonshire, from our fantastic new studio, VeloElite HQ in Hardwick, nr Wellingborough.

During the fit process we are building a picture of the kind of rider that you are based on riding style/volume/intensity/speed, these are all factors that we take on board when setting the bike up for you! We make recommendations for any posture or riding style changes along with links to a local physio for any issues we need to address.

Why would you have a bike fit?

  • Increase your level of comfort on the bike
  • Assess and remedy any aches and pains you have on the bike
  • Increase performance and efficiency
  • Provide a better more aerodynamic position
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved comfort
  • Increased efficiency and power production

Trek precision fit trained by Phil Cavell of CycleFit UK, industry leading! trained with 12 years experience and 100s of fits.

Bike fit Northamptonshire

The Bike Fit Process

We have a tried and tested process to our bike fits incorporating all of our fit knowledge and the adjustability of a fit jig to ensure the very best results for our clients. This process includes:

  • Initial client interview
  • Off the bike physical analysis
  • Shoes and cleat positioning
  • Positional analysis on the bike to fine tune riding position
  • Additional power analysis available on Wahoo kicker
  • Recommending posture and riding style
Bike fitting Wellingborough Northampton

VeloElite Bike fitting available for:

Road Bikes | Timetrial Bikes | Cyclocross | Mountainbike

We have been bike fitting for the last 10 years, receiving training from Phil Cavell- co-founder of Cyclefit Uk. During this time we have used various bike fitting systems including Trek precision Fit Jigs and Shimano Jig. What we have learned from our experience is that the key ingredient to successful bike fitting is the knowledge behind it, we ensure that we focus all our expertise on every client giving fantastic results. Whether you are a beginner looking to increase your comfort and time on the bike or you are an Elite level athlete everyone needs an bike to ensure you are getting the maximum out of your bike and you are in the correct position.

Years ago our bike fit specialist Tom Scott-Collins was forced to have a knee operation at the age of 21 this was likely caused by poor set up on his bike. As a result he has made it an ambition to help and assist fellow cyclists in the set up of their bikes to assist in comfort and performance.

Cleat fit/setup
  • Cleat setting to foot posture
  • Arch analysis and insole assesment
  • Adjust float position on wahoo kickr
  • ¬†Approximate duration 30mins

If you have any questions relating to Bike Fitting please give us a call and we’d be glad to help, contact us today!

Road Bike Fitting Northamptonshire
Bike fitting Wellingborough Northamptonshire
Bike Fit Northamptonshire
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