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2018 Season Review Part 1

2018 Season review Part 1

VeloElite 2018 season review part 1 of 5!

After a very difficult start to the year, things are on the up for VeloElite, new HQ complex, new kit, lots of new faces and some amazing achievements across the board. We thought it would be fun to put together a review of season, highs, lows and of course quite a lot of  humour! Hope you all enjoy part 1,  an Interview with Tom Scott-Collins:


So Tom, the start to 2018 was quite turbulent for you, what exactly happened?
The early part of 2018 came with very mixed emotions, it started with being one of the happiest times moving into our new house, bought in December. Just 3 weeks later I was hit with the sad news that Wellingborough Cycles would be closing and as a result I would be losing my job. This was the most stressed I had ever been. I immediately updated and sent out my CV and managed to get a number of interviews within a couple of hours after being given the news.

As soon as I had been given a number of offers I relaxed a little I realised that it was not the end of world and I needed to see this as an opportunity to create something I had always wanted to do. With the support of Jasmine and some very close friends I set about working on a business model that I felt could thrive in what is a struggling industry. I always had this vision of a “performance studio” and this is what I, along with business partner Paul have set out to achieve.

Moving on to cycling, how did your season go?
Well, as you know I kicked the season off with a run and have been on the treatment tables ever since, so all summed up, very relaxing as I have been laying down a lot.

What would you say was your biggest achievement this season?
Oh, without a doubt the day I ate a large dominos at the shop for lunch, followed by a whole cake from the Watermill that was supposed to be for 10 people.

You are well known for your impressive data, how’s the numbers looking at the moment?
After tireless effort, I have said a goodbye to 90kgs and am well on the way to 100kgs. This was confirmed when I shattered a floor tile at the shop that I later found had a load limit of 98kg.

Outside of work and eating habits what do you enjoy doing?
Mostly walking my bike from the car to the shop and back again.

How has it been, working for yourself?
Fantastic , I have loved every minute of it and to ensure this continues I have been steadily reducing my hours, at this rate I will of retired by March next year, so I can ride my bike all day. Do you think anyone will notice?

Working on your own a lot, how do you amuse yourself?
To be honest, I am not left alone much, it’s almost as if someone has setup a rota to ensure I am not left unsupervised? (special thanks to George & Fabos – Ed). On the rare occasions I am on my own, I like to play pooh sticks with customers bikes, this was bought to an end when I clogged up the water mill with Stu Morgan’s abnormally large frame.

Tom, final question, what are your goals for 2019?
– 110kgs
– To burn all of Rockingham forest in the shops wood burner
– to hang on to a G3 ride
– To setup a social ride from the Watermill car park to the Watermill

Big targets Tom, we wish you luck, thanks for your time!